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Communicate through us! 

 LegosIndia is a translation and interpretation agency based at New Delhi, India. We offer to handle your multi-lingual, multi-stage projects, be it translation, interpretation, globalization, localization, editing/validation/review, Desk Top Publishing, voice-over, name it, and our qualified and experienced team of linguists, project managers and technical experts is here to assist you!  

We are committed to providing accurate and efficient translation while remaining alive to our objective of successfully bridging the cross-cultural and linguistic barriers. 


A large number of leading companies happily depend on our innovative, skilled and sensitive handling of their translation/interpretation needs. We strive to maintain utmost confidentiality of the text, sensitive or otherwise.


Quality Control: 

LegosIndia’s team of project managers and technical experts has been carefully selected for their quick reflexes, an eye for detail and eagerness to scrutinize the files to maintain the consistency of format and content to rule out any formatting mistakes. We follow a careful multistep proofreading process as we’re sticklers for quality. Our trained and qualified team of in-house experts monitors even the minutest of details in the files worked upon by our linguists. 

Our team has been a part of our success story because of its professional and dedicated attitude. We endeavor to ensure quality work, strictly adhering to the given time schedules. 

Our forte:

Ø Respecting deadlines

Ø Quality work

Ø Reasonable rates